About Prayatna Foundation

We do a lot to make all the children of the world happy!
In India we all aware about the Right to Information, Right to Recall and now Right to Education but there is no law like Right to Entertain. PRAYATNA FOUNDATION has vision to come forward first with this different subject.

Every child needs a unique and different activity. Child doesn’t like to write, read, and study he gets tiered with all these routine activity. The child’s dream world is of toys, rides and sports activity which he loves to do it. When hunger, clothing and shelter are issues that need immediate attention for survival, books never can be a priority for such children. They cannot even nurture a dream which is supported by academic excellence. They struggle for survival and their dreams and desires are covered by layers and layers of daily life issues which only can uncovered with help of our project. We all talk about poverty, starvation , child labor and child abuse but then, how many of us actually act ,try to become mentors and help as many as we can? For many of us, this topic is a tea-time discussion with friends, where we always put the blame on the system. In reality, how many of us have made any effort to bring about a change.

Prayatna Foundation Aim is Right to Entertainment. ( Complete Free )

The most obvious example of the violation of this right is today’s education system, poverty and child labor. However, even children who go to school may be deprived of the opportunity to relax and play for a variety of reasons: domestic responsibilities, caring for siblings, helping parents in labor, part time work, and absence of open spaces. Children with disabilities do not have play opportunities that take into account their special needs. In the case of the better off child, there is the pressure of homework, tuitions and structured hobby classes that leave not time for free play. This most crucial aspect of a child's life, which is the main source of her/his social, emotional intellectual development, is often neglected when thinking of child rights.

All children have the right to a good education that is free at least up to the elementary level. Schools should be places where children are respected and treated with dignity. Children should be able to develop their personality and talents. All children have the right to learn and use the language and customs of their family. All children have the right to relax , play and to learn their own language and culture and take part in cultural and artistic activities. The government must protect children from work that is dangerous or prevents their development.

Prayatna Foundation is an organization that aims to bring together children, youths and organizations from divided communities using cooperative play to create mutual respect and understanding as well as a healthy amount of fun and laughter.


  • Every activity of PRAYATNA FOUNDATION is the bridge through which the generation gap of parents & children become nil. Ajay Mehta - 9377761969
  • The Effort by “PRAYATNA FOUNDATION” is bench mark in society as it is the only NGO in India who working only for Free Children Entertainment rather than education. It’s totally different and important subject for every parents. Prakash Wagh - 9426262012
  • We always say to our children “How to live the life but we must learn from Children how to enjoy our life” PRAYATNA FOUNDATION theory is belongs to that only and every human being must follow it. Kishor Makodiya - 9998709537
  • Prayatna Foundation has enabled every parent to involve children from all different backgrounds in our activities with games that discourage conflict and promote lasting friendships between children who otherwise would never have connected. Pulin Pandya - 9879537676
  • It’s complete free for every parents & children of Bhavnagar in every activity Prayatna foundation provided best snacks, games and motivation. No Entry Fees, No Registration Fees or no other charges. It is only NGO in Bhavnagar who provide everything free with best quality. Lalitray Purohit - 9374857571
  • To Bring something new & different of each month for children & parents is the motto and uniqueness of Prayatna Foundation. Kaushik Upadhyay - 9662949191
  • Today I came in Bubble Flying Event I never imagine this types of event and I & my family feel something new. This is great success for Prayatna Foundation. I wish Prayatna Foundation best luck for all this success in future. Bharat Rajyaguru - 9909989452
  • Mud-Sack Race is the unique idea created by Prayatna Foundation it first time in the world every school should approach to Prayatna Foundation to do such types of activity. I wish all the best to Prayatna Foundation for bright future & bright activity Chintan Jani - 9377768449