Khichdi Rath

If we want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved. The simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a poor child is food, these kids might look unattractive or chaos, but what we experienced in 15 days, they are so in discipline and innocent when we go to them to give khichdi. We can see the smile on their faces and these kids never show hurry in receiving food. "Sometimes I get afraid because there's nothing in the house to eat." That is what 7-year-old girl told us yesterday. Please come forward and help us, be it small or big because your help will feed unfortunate children. There is no finer investment for anyone than putting food into poor kid's mouth.

Why Free Tea and Snacks

Prayatna Foundation is actively serving the society since last two and a half years. Foundation's workers and heads are always ahead giving new ideas for the welfare of society. With a goal of a hunger less health of every poor patients of Government Hospital , the trust stands for the duty of Social service. Generally in Government hospital we found poor patients. They require good medical services but due to only the financial crisis they must depends on the government hospitals. However nowadays government hospitals are developed and providing sound medical services. Patients and their relatives are poor and unable to eat good food and snacks. With these reasons we started Free Tea and Snacks project and its continue

The Foundation serves Tea and Snacks every Monday morning 7.00 to 8.00 AM. persons by hand to hand each patients of Government hospital. Every Monday more than 400 Tea and equal Snacks dishes servers to every poor patients. The needy patients get each and every basic amenity speedily is the foundation's aim with no selfishness. Service for a needful patient or a person suffering from pain is the Foundation's invaluable goal.

Expectation for Self less Donation

The Foundation is fully confident that its dreams will be fulfilled as it has a big team of devoted workers, the trusted always ready for social service, co-operation of selfless donors, leaders of various fields of society with the consistency of unbroken faith of the socially the trust expects the co-operation of the donors, well wishers wish philanthropists and intellectual citizens for fulfilling its dreams, day to day materialize these dreams and request you to extend your helping hand to reach up to the goal.

The Foundation has received silent blessings of the people for its various humanitarian activities. It has proved to be an organization of respect. The foundation heartily thankful to the donors that it could realize its motto of "Selfless Social Service" with the help of its dedicated social workers.

We request each donor to donate us only Rs.500/- Per Month to continue this project on daily basis.