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In India we all aware about the Right to Information, Right to Recall and now Right to Education but there is no law like Right to Entertain. PRAYATNA FOUNDATION has vision to come forward first with this different subject.Read More »

Why Free Child Entertainment

Children's entertainment is centre on play and is significant for their growth and learning. Entertainment is also provided to children or taught to them by adults and many activities that appeal to them such as our NGO doing are also enjoyed by adults.

When children play by themselves, they're learning many valuable lessons they'll carry with them throughout their lives. Solo playtime helps your kids become well-rounded individuals who are happy whether they're in small groups, large crowds or alone.

Kids who play by themselves learn to have fun on their own. They don't count on others for their happiness and entertainment. As your children grow, they understand that they won't always have someone by their side every waking moment. They'll be more confident and satisfied individuals.

Bring Out Their Imagination & Develop Their Social Independence

You may already feel like your child is full of imagination. Just wait until you step back and let them play by themselves. The time alone will draw out superheroes, princesses and other play situations you wouldn't get to see if they weren't engaging in solo playtime. They'll be quick to think on their feet and their creativity will really shine. Kids who play by themselves develop a strong sense of independence. They don't have to be around another person or a group of people at all times. This social independence will help them feel comfortable in any situation. Playing alone doesn't encourage your children to shy away from others with this newfound independence. It actually prepares them for whatever your day holds, a morning of solo play, an afternoon with your playgroup or an evening sleepover with a friend. Playing outside gets them riled up. Playing with others gives them a lot of interaction. Playing by themselves brings a sense of calmness to your kids. This time playing alone takes their mood to a different level as they peacefully play with their toys.

Let Them Feel Comfortable When Alone

As much as you would like to, you can't interact with your children 24/7. You have chores to do and meals to put on the table. When your kids know how to play by themselves, they don't rely on you as much to be their entertainment director. They also realize you're not ignoring them by not playing with them. They'll soon look forward to their time for individual play.

Another perk of teaching your kids to play by themselves is that you earn a much-needed break. This isn't your primary goal, of course, but the time you spend alone is also a good example to your children. Your kids can see you enjoy doing the things you love alone and that you don't need someone else's attention 100% of the time to be happy.


  • Every activity of PRAYATNA FOUNDATION is the bridge through which the generation gap of parents & children become nil. Ajay Mehta - 9377761969
  • The Effort by “PRAYATNA FOUNDATION” is bench mark in society as it is the only NGO in India who working only for Free Children Entertainment rather than education. It’s totally different and important subject for every parents. Prakash Wagh - 9426262012
  • We always say to our children “How to live the life but we must learn from Children how to enjoy our life” PRAYATNA FOUNDATION theory is belongs to that only and every human being must follow it. Kishor Makodiya - 9998709537
  • Prayatna Foundation has enabled every parent to involve children from all different backgrounds in our activities with games that discourage conflict and promote lasting friendships between children who otherwise would never have connected. Pulin Pandya - 9879537676
  • It’s complete free for every parents & children of Bhavnagar in every activity Prayatna foundation provided best snacks, games and motivation. No Entry Fees, No Registration Fees or no other charges. It is only NGO in Bhavnagar who provide everything free with best quality. Lalitray Purohit - 9374857571
  • To Bring something new & different of each month for children & parents is the motto and uniqueness of Prayatna Foundation. Kaushik Upadhyay - 9662949191
  • Today I came in Bubble Flying Event I never imagine this types of event and I & my family feel something new. This is great success for Prayatna Foundation. I wish Prayatna Foundation best luck for all this success in future. Bharat Rajyaguru - 9909989452
  • Mud-Sack Race is the unique idea created by Prayatna Foundation it first time in the world every school should approach to Prayatna Foundation to do such types of activity. I wish all the best to Prayatna Foundation for bright future & bright activity Chintan Jani - 9377768449